Our body has a surprising number of 206 bones when we reach adulthood, which makes us vertebrate animals, that is, we have a skeleton inside us with a spinal column that allows our figure to have the shape that characterizes us. This bone disposition allows us to perform such everyday actions for us as getting up, walking or bending over.

And of course, among those 206 bones there are some very small and others larger. Wondering what is the longest bone in the human body? Keep reading, because we reveal it to you.

The longest bone is the femur

The area of ​​our body where we have the most bones are the extremities, that is, in the arms and legs. And it is precisely in this last area where the longest bone in the human body is located: the femur, with 46 centimetres in length. Located in the upper part of our legs, in the thigh area, this bone allows the leg to be attached to the hip as well as being part of the knee joint, so our movement largely depends on its correct state of health. and also the joint well-being of our body.

The femur is not only long, it is also the largest and strongest bone in our skeleton, with the important mission of supporting our weight properly. Its size corresponds to approximately 25% of our height, not bad for being just a bone!

The parts of the femur

  • Diaphysis of the femur, also known as the body of the femur, has three faces (anterior, internal, and external) and three edges. This part of the femur is closely linked to the rural quadriceps muscle since three of the four muscular bodies they have are inserted in this area, which allows us to extend our leg. Other muscles such as the gluteus Maximus or the adductors of the thigh also attach to this area of ​​the femur.
  • The upper epiphysis, also known as the head of the femur, articulates with the hip, so it is a smooth surface covered with cartilage, which facilitates smooth and adequate movements.
  • Inferior epiphysis, this area articulates with the tibia and ends in the knee, it is in this area where the cruciate ligaments of the knee are inserted, so important in the mobility of this joint.

And the smallest bone in the human body?

You already know that the longest bone in the body is the femur, but what about the smallest? Located in the middle ear, the stapes is the smallest bone in the body, between 2.5 and 3 millimetres long. This little one transmits sound vibrations from the anvil to the inner membrane, allowing us to adequately hear everything that happens around us.



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