We have all ever wondered what would happen if the sun suddenly went out or even what would happen if the sun disappeared. But have you ever stopped to think what would happen if the Sun did not exist from the beginning? Would life be possible on Earth? What’s more, would Earth and the rest of the planets exist? Science, the one in charge of answering all these questions, can only make hypotheses based on questions that are taken for granted, since it cannot verify many of the things. However, in this article we reveal what the experts believe about what would happen if there were no Sun.

Earth would go out of orbit

We all know that the Earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun. But have you ever wondered why? In the planetary system, orbits are created based on the mass of the stars. That is, the heaviest star (the Sun, in our case) creates an orbit around it where the other lighter ones (the planets) rotate. We can imagine it as a Ferris wheel, where cabins go around an engine. If the engine were off or shut down, the Ferris wheel would stop spinning dry and the cabins would probably come loose and fly up into the air. That is exactly what would happen to the planets if there were no Sun: they would circulate freely through space at a speed of 30 kilometers per second, being very likely to collide with another body at some point. Therefore, surely, the Earth would crash and explode.

Without the Sun, the Earth would freeze

One of the main functions of the Sun is to give heat. Without that primary source, not only would Earth’s liquid surface freeze, but anything that existed. However, scientists say that the core of our planet would maintain some heat of its own, at least for a few years. Thus, it is likely that the only living things that could exist temporarily were deep sea animals and some Extremophiles, organisms that are capable of living at extreme temperatures.

Without the Sun, there would be no photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is a process that plants, algae and some bacteria carry out to feed themselves. In a supposed case that these living beings existed, they would not do it for long and, with them, the rest of the food chain: if plants could not carry out photosynthesis, they would die in a matter of days or weeks. If plants died, the living beings that feed on them would also end up becoming extinct and, finally, we too would die from lack of food.

Without the Sun, the air would not be breathable

Of course, photosynthesis here would also have a lot to do with it, as this chemical process converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, a gas we need to survive. However, if there were no plants and no Sun, the air would be condensed and it would be difficult for our lungs to filter. Moreover, without plants, there would be nothing to regenerate oxygen, therefore, assuming that our planet had an atmosphere and oxygen from the beginning, it is most likely that it was not breathable, in the same way that water is not drinkable. Stagnant.

If there were no Sun, could living things survive on Earth?

The question is not whether beings on Earth could survive without the Sun, but rather if there were no Sun from the beginning, there would be no living being , since the conditions necessary for a species to survive would not exist , which are:

  • Ideal temperature: essential for other conditions to work. The average is between -3 and 45ºC. Without the Sun, not only would the minimum temperature not be reached, but it is calculated that the planet could reach -80ºC.
  • Water in liquid state: it is known that a body can go weeks without feeding, but not without drinking. Without the presence of water in a liquid state, no species could survive.
  • Earth’s magnetic field: it is vital for the atmosphere to remain in place. Without the Sun there would be no magnetic field, since for this it needs a stream of energetic particles emanating from that luminous star.
  • Atmosphere and oxygen: the atmosphere is the gaseous part of the Earth and among its main functions is to provide oxygen and protect us from the sun’s rays. But if the Sun did not exist, probably the atmosphere would not either, since, as we said in the previous section, you need the existence of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Do not panic

The truth is that if it were the case that there was no Sun and our planet wandered freely through space, it could eventually run into another solar system and become part of it. Then there could be life or, if there already was … it could survive.

Now that you know what would happen if there were no Sun, you may be interested in knowing what would happen if the Earth stopped rotating.


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